One Sure Sign of Bad Writing

Ah, my horrible, awful, vomit-inducing, virginity-protecting, cancerous first book. A 77-page Legend of Dragoon fanfiction. You can decide which part of that sentence makes you squirm the most. Did I mention there was a self-insert in there? Anywho, if by some herculean effort and non-existent gag reflex you should slog through the bulk of this … Continue reading One Sure Sign of Bad Writing


Top 10 Hatable Disney Villains

What makes a good villain? I've already written an article on what I call the Villainous Venn-Triagram, but there's an element I left out: hatability. It's the amount of deadness you want that person to suffer. For example: Voldemort is a good villain, but Umbridge is the one you want to strangle with piano wire. … Continue reading Top 10 Hatable Disney Villains