Blaylock Edits and Critiques

“I’ve used Michael on several book projects.  Every project I’ve ever given him has been raw, misspelled chaos.  In just a few days he gives it back polished, properly structured and looking amazing.  I can’t recommend Michael enough!”
-Richard P.

You and I want the same thing: for your book to shine. You’re committed to your story and I’m committed to art. Good books can change lives, or even the world. To do that, your book needs to be the best it can be, and I want to help it get there.

For some, this means a final proofread to make sure no typos slipped through. Others may need developmental assistance–drawing out shy characters, scrubbing out cliches, or refining an obscure message. Either way, I can help.

I’m a writer myself who has been critiquing novels, short stories, and poems for years, and proofreading everything from manuscripts to resumes. It’s a joy to work with authors of all sorts and help them bring out the best in their book–not to make it into something it’s not, but draw out your book’s own potential.

My services are as follows:

Proofreading–Basic proofs for any and all projects to check for grammar mistakes and the like. This is a simpler edit, suitable for small projects, or larger ones which you have edited yourself once or twice.

Copyediting–More thorough and in-depth, making sure every word, letter, and punctuation mark conforms to the proper style handbook. Includes proper word choices, ethical issues, and other complex matters. This also includes total restructuring for those having trouble with formatting.

Content Editing–This is for those who want someone to look at the “story” rather than the grammar. I say “story” in quotes because this can be a novel, a graphic novel, memoir, or poetry. I examine characters, plot threads, world building, artwork, lettering, imagery, symbolism, whatever is applicable to your project.

Developmental Editing–This is a more abstract service. You may have some drafts or pieces lying around, but it’s not a whole yet. Or perhaps the story needs a total rewrite but you aren’t sure how. This is the kind of edit that usually requires a one-on-one conversation via Skype, phone, or in-person meeting. You and I will get together somehow and try to take your pieces, written or unwritten, and put them all together.

Price–All services are $30/hour. Proofreading and Developmental editing generally take less time while content and copy editing are more intensive.

“I recently hired Blaylock Edits and Critiques to handle a bit of relief editing during a holiday time crunch, and was delighted with the entire experience from start to finish! Mike & his partner proved to be detail-oriented editors with a clear appreciation for the Big Picture.”
-Erin W.

What works do I accept? I’m primarily skilled in fiction, and I’ll take all genres and lengths, from flash fiction to epic trilogies. But this isn’t limited to standard books; I’ll also help develop graphic novels and poetry. As for non-fiction, I limit my services to proofreading and some copyediting (depending on the work) unless I’m thoroughly knowledgeable in your subject. For memoirs, I’ll make an exception and offer all four services.

I only have some minor content restrictions. Violence and sex scenes are okay as long as it’s not torture porn or erotica (Rated R, okay; rated X, not okay). Beyond these, there shouldn’t be many problems. For all clients, I’ll ask about the book and see if we’re a good fit.

Also, if you know that I’m a Christian, don’t fret; I’ll take almost anything. I’ve read Peretti, Dekker, and Lewis, but I’ve also read Rowling, Sanderson, Brooks, Chbosky, Weeks, Gaiman, Stockett, and Achebe and loved them. If you think I won’t like or “approve” of your work, talk to me. I may surprise you.

Interested? Curious? Got questions? Feel free to contact me even if you just want to find out more. We’ll talk about your book and work out a rate, and then I’ll do everything I can to make your story publishable.

EMAIL: (type EDIT in the subject line so it doesn’t get lost)
PHONE: 618-979-0678 (please call or text between 9am and 7pm Mountain Time)

I look forward to meeting any and all of you, reading your stories, and working with you to grow them into something marvelous.

BONUS! Review Services

In the spirit of promoting new authors, I’m currently offering free reviews of published novels, short stories, graphic novels, and poetry collections. The only cost is if I have to buy the book.

What’s the catch? Paid work naturally comes first, so these reviews would take a back seat to other projects. However, the real catch is an honest review. If I don’t like the book, I’ll tell you flat-out. If your book gets 5-10 out of 10 in my opinion, I’ll post that review on my blog and on Amazon/Barnes & Noble to promote it, and I’ll link back to your work on my blog review. If your book got less than 5/10, I won’t post it, but I will tell you. As a helpful note, 5 is the average, so most books will get a promotion.

10/10-Perfect as one can be, usually subjective.
9/10-Excellent, would read this over and over again.
8/10-Very good, I want to buy this.
7/10-Good, Might buy, definitely recommend.
6/10-Decent, may hesitate to recommend, but fun.
5/10-Acceptable, worth my time if nothing else.
4/10-Bad, not worth the time.
3/10-Very bad, extra weak or boring.
2/10-Terrible, insults your intelligence.
1/10-Awful. Nothing redeemable. Scratch it and try again.

NOTE: My old rating scale was 1-5, but I decided to modify it to be more specific. Take the old scale and double it and you’ll have the right idea.

For these, you can contact me at However, please put “REVIEW” in the subject line so it doesn’t get lost.

I look forward to seeing your creations.



7 thoughts on “Blaylock Edits and Critiques

  1. I have to say it’s amazing that you would do this for new writers like me! My newest novel will be finished around April next year (or possibly before then) and if you could read it I’ll be more than grateful. I’ll give you some more information when it nears the end, but I’ll say it’s a supernatural thriller along the same lines as Peretti and Dekker.


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