R-Rated Christianity

I’ve gotten a bit of attention for calling myself an R-Rated Christian. Usually, those two phrases go together like peanut butter and barbecue sauce. I’m happy to announce that most of the reactions I’ve gotten have been good. I’ve been able to find other Christians who are proud to don their over-eighteen moniker, and if … Continue reading R-Rated Christianity

10 Things I Want From Kingdom Hearts 3 (NEW VERSION)

Long ago, I wrote about what I hoped to see from Kingdom Hearts 3, but since several new trailers have been released alongside E3 2018, not to mention the past releases, we've learned a lot, so it's time for me to update, massively. If you're curious, here's the old link.  I loved Kingdom Hearts. I … Continue reading 10 Things I Want From Kingdom Hearts 3 (NEW VERSION)