Top 5 Christian Laments

I don't think there are enough laments in Christian music. Christian radio seems obsessed with the theology of empowerment and happy thoughts. While God is certainly good and while we do have victory in his name, happy songs alone give and incomplete and even dishonest picture of the Christian life. But what is a lament? … Continue reading Top 5 Christian Laments


Two Lessons You Should Learn (Because I Sure Didn’t)

If nothing else, my life is a monument of what not to do. If you want to get far in life, grab a seat, watch me for a few minutes, cringe in pain, then go do the opposite. Case in point? Fifth grade, a time when a boy starts his long journey into manhood, but … Continue reading Two Lessons You Should Learn (Because I Sure Didn’t)

The Problem With the Problem Of Pain

The question goes something like this: "How can an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving God coexist with the oh-so-apparent evil in the world?" The common answer is that one of those three prongs of the triangle isn't true. Either God isn't all powerful, and thus he's unable to stop evil; he isn't all-knowing, and thus doesn't comprehend … Continue reading The Problem With the Problem Of Pain