On the Road…AGAIN?!

God seems to love changing his mind. Remember what happened in Genesis? GOD: Abraham, kill your firstborn, Isaac. ABE: Okay! GOD: Abraham, don't kill your firstborn, Isacc. ABE: Okay! ISAAC: What just happened?! Or what happened in 1 Samuel? GOD: Saul will be king. SAUL: Aw, yis. GOD: David will be king. SAUL: What just … Continue reading On the Road…AGAIN?!


Top 10 Things I Miss about St. Louis

It's been right around four¬†months since I left my home of St. Louis, Missouri. While I only lived in the city proper for about three years, I lived in the area my entire life. St. Louis was always RIGHT THERE, and now...it's gone. And I miss it so bad it hurts sometimes. Thankfully, I got … Continue reading Top 10 Things I Miss about St. Louis