The right to not be offended

An excellent post on freedom and the ability to engage in views contrary to your own and grow instead of crying about it.

She laughs without fear

My job makes me think a lot. (yes, even more than usual, gosh how am I coping I hear you ask).

Part of my work involves reading a lot of articles every day, in both the secular and Christian media – from sources of varying intellectualism, political and theological stances. This means I get multiple perspectives, often on the same news, in the form of reportage and comment.

That’s actually quite challenging. Some of the things I read make me want to bang my head against a wall; occasionally even disappear from the face of the Earth for a little while. Sometimes I don’t want to even give certain websites my attention, because I feel like in some strange way, I am advocating their stupidity just by reading them! The opposite is true as well; I can find myself experiencing confusion because anothers’ views are so well presented that I…

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Top 10 Lazy Halloween Costume Excuses

So it's Halloween and you have no costume. Your home, workplace, or whatever is filled with monsters, skanks, and obscure references you don't get. Whether you forgot a costume, couldn't afford one, or just didn't care, here are ten surefire answers for that idiot who looks at your jeans and polo and asks, "What are … Continue reading Top 10 Lazy Halloween Costume Excuses

Seven Subversive Questions for Artists of Faith

I found this fantastic post for Christian artists of any sort. A bit challenging, but also something to think about. Enjoy!

Adventures in Faith & Art

Given that it’s the beginning of a new year—a time when we typically evaluate where we’ve been and where we’re going—I thought I would stir the pot.

Here are seven questions that might subversively stretch your preconceptions and wobble your paradigms. I encourage you to prayerfully contemplate a few of them, and maybe discuss some with fellow artists of faith. It’s my hope that these questions might help you gain clarity on your journey of faith as an artist.

1. If you are (or could be) a vocal artist, which would you prefer: Having an excellent voice that everyone likes, or having a unique voice that some people love and some people hate?

2. If you are (or could be) a visual artist, which would you prefer: Having one of your paintings hang in a prestigious gallery, or being able to study under a prestigious artist?

3.What is…

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The Locke Hart Chronicles – Novella Review

A wonderful lady reviewed my new book. See what she said. Want to read it yourself? Hit me up!

One of the cool things I’ve discovered since starting my blog, is the network of writers who are willing to help each other learn, and grow their writing skills through sharing their work before it’s published. That enables the writer to get better, unbiased feedback about their writing. Having your mom, sister, or mom’s sisters’ cousin read your writing may feed your ego, but it may not enhance your work much, or your odds of getting published.

I’ve had the great pleasure of “meeting” fencing with ink (Michael Baylock), who initiated a writing swap for reviews on his blog. And so, this is how I came across his novella.

The magical tale of dragons, warriors, and swordsmen is intricately woven around Christian based verses and way of life. Though the story includes references front The Bible, it tells the lessons and morals that anyone can relate to, and standards that…

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I'm convinced that Yankee Candle practices witchcraft. How else do they create smells from things that have no smell? Walk through a Yankee Candle shop (or whatever local knockoff will satisfy your inferior palate) and look at all the names of the products. You have normal scents like flowers, banana nut bread, citrus, you know, … Continue reading Nonscents