Book Pirates Are Not “Fans”

It is an insult when someone says that the work you created isn't worth their wallets. Not that they can't afford it, but that the weeks, months, or years put into it, the training you underwent, and the skill you've shown aren't worth a dime. That you are not a person with bills to pay, … Continue reading Book Pirates Are Not “Fans”

One Sure Sign of Bad Writing

Ah, my horrible, awful, vomit-inducing, virginity-protecting, cancerous first book. A 77-page Legend of Dragoon fanfiction. You can decide which part of that sentence makes you squirm the most. Did I mention there was a self-insert in there? Anywho, if by some herculean effort and non-existent gag reflex you should slog through the bulk of this … Continue reading One Sure Sign of Bad Writing