The Venn-Triagram of Great Villains

Yes, yes, the official term is three-way Venn Diagram, but that's not nearly as catchy. Look across the great villains of art history, in film, in movies, in video games, in anime, in anything at all, you'll find three major themes that the writers exploited. All great villains have one, two, or even all three … Continue reading The Venn-Triagram of Great Villains

Writing Extremes are Always BS.

I'm a writer and editor. I know the rules. Don't use "felt." Don't use "very." Don't use "-ly" words. Don't use adverbs at all if you can help it. Don't use to-be verbs. Show, don't tell. Don't use flashbacks. Start in scene. Don't use passive voice. These are all good rules. But there's one more … Continue reading Writing Extremes are Always BS.