Most people get acceptable superpowers–flight, speed, control of the elements, shape-shifting, and so on.

Charlie Ferris can kill with a touch.

But villainy is the last thing on his mind–well, maybe not the last. It is frustrating having the superhuman government breathing down your neck, mistrusting your every step, just waiting for you to go rogue. It would be so easy…but no, NO! Charlie wants to use his power in a good, upright way…but…how?

Suddenly, a swarm of nigh unkillable creatures appears out of nowhere, forcing the superhuman government to cooperate with a professional killer. Tensions run high as Charlie tries to navigate prejudice, strange monsters, and plenty of surprises as he tries to decide what is more important: a good reputation or ugly goodness?



Ferryman is a supernatural/fantasy novella, about 125 printed pages, with some mildly mature content.
Ferryman’s Kindle  verison is available now for $2.99. Click here to go to the Amazon page. The Print copy is $6 from Amazon.
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