My Writing-Works in Progress

DETAILS: Novel (series?), Adult fantasy
ABOUT: A Dodecon is a journey. Twelve characters from twelve different fantasy races travel the world for a year. Each person joins for their own reasons, some with naive altruism, some with selfish motives, but they’ll all be tried by this journey, forced to grow and change to see less of themselves and more of the real world.
Click here for a more in-depth look at the story.
PROGRESS: Writing 1st Draft now.

DETAILS: Novel, YA High Fantasy (sword and sorcery), 4-part series
Matt Owen doesn’t want to save the world. By rights, he shouldn’t have to–it’s not even his! It’s a fantasy land where rocks stand up and threaten him, demonic monsters attack at every corner, and a dead man speaks in his head. He’s only here because he was–for all intents and purposes–kidnapped by a man overflowing with dangerous powers that have ravished the land.
But Matt can’t go home and his friends are out there somewhere. So he must pick up the sword that’s given to him, study this “magic” he’s experienced, and struggle to survive hunger, war, and the soldier woman who hunts him.
The odd thing is…he’s good at it. Matt succeeds where others have failed, and escapes impossible situations. As his victories begin to build, Matt start to wonder if maybe he does have what it takes to save the world.
And maybe, when he sees the extent of evil and the relief of those he helps, he’ll even learn to enjoy it.
PROGRESS: Rewriting entirely because sometimes writers do that.

Locke Hart
DETAILS: Novella series, Urban Fantasy, Christian
BLURB: He fought the mightiest magical terrorist in the world…and won…now what?
They say Christians aren’t supposed to fight. Locke thinks that’s stupid in a world where weapons are sold in chain stores and the world’s most powerful mage just happens to be insane. If the Godly don’t take up arms to defend the world, who will?
But he didn’t expect to win. Locke fought the terrorist known as Dragon in a blind rage, seeking to avenge his murdered father. He barely survives, but now the world knows there is someone out there who can fight the Dragon, maybe even destroy him. But Locke wants to forget his sin and carry out a normal life.
God won’t have it, though. He’s calling Locke and his friends into an adventure, dropping resources in the young man’s lap, and pointing out the multitude of enemies choking the city of St. Louis.
The danger is here. The world is crazy. And the only way to fight them is to be just as dangerous…and just as crazy.
STATUS: On pause while I work on Dodecon. May make into a trilogy instead of a series.

DETAILS: Video Game, Action Allegory
A person’s core is their source of power and identity. It transforms them from an ordinary human to something grand and grants them incredible strength, magic, or skill.
But a core can be broken, its fragments lost, stolen, or abandoned. With each withered piece, the core grows weaker, but the pieces cry out to their owner, begging to be reunited, to become powerful again.
Violet has only one piece left, and the enemy wants it. Weakened from forty years of pain and despair, Violet has no strength left to fight.
But then she meets two Wakers living completely out of their core power, and kind enough to shield her from harm. With their help, Violet sets out on an impossible quest: seek out the lost pieces of her core and restore her own power, and find out who or what she was really meant to be.
PROGRESS: Still in the planning stages. Any video game creators are welcome to brainstorm.

Adventures in the Real World
DETAILS: Animated series, Teen, Allegorical Fantasy
Most people only see one world: the day-to-day in which they live their lives. But some see another layer folded over the first: where ordinary men wield extraordinary power, coincidences are planned, and everyone is under attack.
Ghetto-born AJ sees glimpses of this second layer through an eccentric man named Red who walks through the city with a sword on his hip and a feather in his cap, capable of impossible power. Certain this second layer is real, AJ opens his eyes to see more.
But seeing means becoming a target. AJ must take on a second identity, one crafted by the mysterious and powerful High Commander. Armed with a weapon and the powers that come with it, AJ walks out a new life with Red’s help, seeing the world as it truly is, struggling to survive in it, and fighting to open the eyes of others.
PROGRESS: First draft in progress

DETAILS: Animated movie, fantasy adventure
Maddie knows her father wasn’t killed by an ordinary wolf. It was a supernatural creature, a manifestation of evil. But the wolf is dead and years have passed. No one believes in fairy tales anymore. Maddie does; she’s spend her childhood listening to Old Rita’s stories of wraiths, monsters, and demons, and the forces that fight them.
Then, one appears on their doorstep. A wicked evil is released and terrorizes the village. While her mother and brother fight, Maddie embarks on a journey through evil lands and ignorant kingdoms for a weapon that might defeat a creature of pure malice.
But finding it is the easy part. The hard part is coming back and facing the monster. But Maddie knows she’s the only one who can do it because she’s the only one who’s spent her whole life learning the lesson she needs now: only those who hate and loathe evil will be brave enough to destroy it.
PROGRESS: Still in planning stages.

Poker Face
DETAILS: Novel OR Film, Romantic Thriller
Life has dealt Regina a fine hand: four aces. One is rich, one alluring, one romantic, and one mysterious. While they four play their cards, Regina keeps her poker face up, taking all bets and calling all raises.
But when a while card crashes into the game, those four men suddenly have to rethink the prize of their game and whether or not they’ve played a bad hand.
PROGRESS: Still in planning stages

Vampire, Hunter
DETAILS: Urban Fantasy, Supernatural, Comedy
After hundreds of years of caution, George accidentally turns a young woman named Rose into a vampire. He couldn’t help it. They’d gone to her apartment, gotten a little frisky, and he got too excited. Now she’s undead.
Logically, he should kill her. Vampires are a pain in the tush, overkilling and overeating until they spread to the next population center. He should know; he is one. But he’s tired of being alone in his quest to balance the food chain. Maybe he could use an ally…
So begins Rose’s initiation into vampiritude. Eat just enough, only drink bad guys’ blood, work the graveyard shift, and never ever ask what Vampire George does in his basement.
PROGRESS: Started on the first draft.

Bad Writing
DETAILS: Satire, fantasy
I’m stuck in my own book and I’ve discovered that I suck. Vague descriptions, evil men with no motives, and random love triangles with one-dimensional characters.
I was sucked into my book thanks to a mad scientist who worships me as God, even though I can’t do anything. Now I have to help his warrior princess daughter Mary Sue and her ragtag group of tropes to find some ancient ruins with a magical thingamajig that will send me home, but that’s only if the evil wizard Mal doesn’t stop us first.
After all, if you’re a villain who wants to destroy the world of a story…you murder the author!
PROGRESS: Still in the planning stages.

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