The Friday Muse – Hidden

A good, short read with some nice twists.

David N. Alderman

H Panel

Blood soaked the carpet, surrounding Rune like a blossoming rose. What he thought would have been the killing blow by Hastings simply put him in a state of misery he had never experienced before. His skull ached as if it were being tightened in a vice, and the rest of his broken form cried out in echoes of pain that mimicked the agonizing cries of a banshee.

He didn’t have to guess that his wounds might be fatal by this point. And even if they weren’t, he knew Hastings would finish the job once he was finished cleaning up his wounded face. But the fact that Rune might be at the end of his days did little to convince him to give up just yet.

Not until she was safe.

Footsteps echoed across the foyer tile. When Hastings reached the living room carpet and knelt, the overwhelming scent of musk…

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The brave friend – who you need when life gets hard

A little something on Godly friendship that I found today. Christ called us to love, not correct. If someone needs correction, they need Jesus, not you.

just a jesus follower

BRAVE FRIENDI’m taking a deep breath and am going to be real with you. This is a hard topic for me.

Over the course of a failed marriage, church falling outs, parenting issues, career changes and a whole gamut of unexpected life obstacles, I’ve tasted the joy and healing of healthy friendships – I’ve equally swallowed the searing sting of  painful ones.

This blog comes from both a painful and joyful place.

But before I offer you words of wisdom in the friendship department, let me set the stage for my perspective.

I am a former pastor. I’ve listened to countless stories of people’s hurts in this area. I’ve written a book on forgiveness.

I’ve been through divorce. I’ve been kicked out of a church. I’ve experienced abuse. I’ve been gossiped about, betrayed – I’ve been judged, outcasted, un-friended, etc. simply because I took a stand for what I believed…

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Book Review: “Indelible” or “Tattoos are Forever, Stupid.” (8/10)

This may be the most metal book I've read all year. Or...ever, which says more about me than the book. Oh, well. I just happened to pick this book up when Crossover Alliance gave away all their books for free one day (That was an awe. some. day.). I've seen Carver's name around, but finally … Continue reading Book Review: “Indelible” or “Tattoos are Forever, Stupid.” (8/10)