What Your Enemies Can Teach You

We like to think we know everything. We don't. Whatever cause you fight for (religion, sports team, social rights, etc) you don't know the entirety of the issue just because you have Facebook and Twitter or you saw that one passionate speech that went viral. We like to think that we're geniuses and our opponents … Continue reading What Your Enemies Can Teach You

It Doesn’t Affect You

Surfing the blogosphere, I've seen about every current debate from both sides: gay marriage, abortion, gun control, religious freedom, boxers vs. briefs, all that good stuff. I have my beliefs (boxers), but I can easily admit that my "opponents" in these issues (I hate talking like we're enemies) have some darn good arguments against me. … Continue reading It Doesn’t Affect You

Do Christians Have a Right to Defend Themselves?

I wanted a friendly discussion of a topic (that could not┬ápossibly get political) that we don't really discuss--at least, not in the right way. Do Christians, under the New Testament covenant, have the right to defend themselves? And I'm talking physically, violently, even. As in, if someone breaks into your house with a gun, do … Continue reading Do Christians Have a Right to Defend Themselves?