2017: A Year in Art

The best I've seen of all that I've seen (or played) in 2017. Why? Because art is awesome and we should celebrate it. Particularly, I'm looking at books, movies, video games, and anime. Note: these are not all things that came out in 2017, but things I experienced for the first time in 2017. So … Continue reading 2017: A Year in Art

What does “Fencing With Ink” Mean for YOU?

I'm tired of being selfish. If you ask my why I write, blog, or jump on social media, the answer is probably something along the lines of "I dunno." Instinct. Lovely when channeled, deadly when it runs amok. Like oil in your car vs. oil in the bay. And I've been letting instinct muddy my … Continue reading What does “Fencing With Ink” Mean for YOU?

A Creator’s Journey #15–Why I Launched Patreon

Ah, the good ol' days. Artists could get patrons who would pay them to make art, giving them regular or partly-regular income for their craft because art is awesome. And then stuff happened. What stuff? I don't know, centuries of stuff. Look, I'm no history buff, I just know that patrons don't exist anymore, not … Continue reading A Creator’s Journey #15–Why I Launched Patreon