How to Write a Hate-Worthy Hero

Some people are heroes, some are villains, and some occupy this spine-tingling middle ground. Not all stories are about good guys standing against the world. Some are about bad people who are able to do bad things and get away with them, even for a while. But no, I'm not talking about villains. These aren't … Continue reading How to Write a Hate-Worthy Hero

A Creator’s Journey #9–Reuniting With Characters

Consider yourself blessed! I'm about to give you a rare sight: a direct look into a writer's mind as he creates. This week, I picked up an on-again-off-again project, "Locke Hart." At this particular point in the story, the main character, Locke, is troubled by something, and his friend Sam sees it on his face. … Continue reading A Creator’s Journey #9–Reuniting With Characters