S.A.F.E. Christians–A for Affectionate

Rule number one for being a safe person--not for yourself, but for someone else--you have to give a crap. Continuing the thoughts on being S.A.F.E. (Overview here), in order to do any good for anybody, you have to be more concerned about them than yourself. This is a basic tenant of Christianity: love one another, … Continue reading S.A.F.E. Christians–A for Affectionate

Are Christians Supposed to be Communists?

That's kind of a scary thought, isn't it? Especially for us oh-so-patriotic 'Mericans who stared down them Commies back in the day. Git 'R' Dun! But the USSR's legendary attempt at Communism caused their own people harm and worried everybody else. So why am I even putting "Christians" and "Communists" in the same sentence? Well, … Continue reading Are Christians Supposed to be Communists?