Top 5 Christian Laments

I don't think there are enough laments in Christian music. Christian radio seems obsessed with the theology of empowerment and happy thoughts. While God is certainly good and while we do have victory in his name, happy songs alone give and incomplete and even dishonest picture of the Christian life. But what is a lament? … Continue reading Top 5 Christian Laments

Top Five Hell Scares–#2 A Witch’s Invitation

When you're talking about Hell Scares, you have to include Christians. Up until now, I've just showed depictions of Hell meant to frighten children to insomnia, but this is the first bona-fide scare-you-into Heaven tactic. And it comes from one of Christianity's most prominent and bold singers, Carman. Carman became most famous for his … Continue reading Top Five Hell Scares–#2 A Witch’s Invitation