Seeker-Friendly vs. Seeker-Oriented

Picture an amazing movie trailer. Heavy music, intense fight scenes, passionate kisses, A-list actors flashed across the screen, and that last tease that gives you goosebumps. So you save your money or steal some to get a ticket, buy some popcorn with butter-juice, plop down in a sticky seat, and you watch...the trailer again. One-and-a-half … Continue reading Seeker-Friendly vs. Seeker-Oriented

A Great Example of How to Church

With so many churches eating their own feet, it's nice to personally experience one doing it right. It's a simple story, but I decided to share it with you all so that you can get a good picture of how church is supposed to be. My wife recently had our first son. The church got … Continue reading A Great Example of How to Church

Christians: Is Trunk-Or-Treat a Terrible Idea?

As a Christian, I have insider access to other Christians and I have to say, Christians are a weird species. We have to make our own everything. Christian music, Christian coffee, Christian mints (I'm not joking), but I may have found the strangest one: Christian Halloween. Trunk-or-Treat as it's commonly called, is when Christians gather … Continue reading Christians: Is Trunk-Or-Treat a Terrible Idea?

Christian Debate in Five Seconds (Starring Children)

My wife leads the four-year-olds at our church and witnessed the following darkly hilarious look at Christian debate. During a review segment, the kids were asked to guess who "this person" was. The prompt was, "I created the whole world in one week." One little boy immediately answered, "God!" A second boy chimed in, "Jesus!" … Continue reading Christian Debate in Five Seconds (Starring Children)