Be Your First Fan

I love my own writing. No, seriously. I LOVE it. When I'm editing my own work, there are times I get excited to get to a certain point, or to read a certain phrase. I've lost track of how many times I've made myself laugh. Is that arrogance? It can go that way, certainly, but … Continue reading Be Your First Fan

A Creator’s Journey #12–The Plan

Once upon a time, I played a fighting game with my best friend. I chose a character who could teleport so I could jump out of the way when my friend launched a massive attack. Sure enough, when he powered up a big laser, I teleported. I reappeared with my face exactly one inch from … Continue reading A Creator’s Journey #12–The Plan

Why Christians Should Care About Art (Even Just a Little)

What comes to mind when you think of an artist? A sex-obsessed painter with skintight clothes and an attitude? A doped-up rock star shredding a guitar? A short-haired chick who loves film and other women? Stereotypes abound, but there's a nugget of truth: many artists lie outside Christian circles, especially conventional ones. So, Christians should … Continue reading Why Christians Should Care About Art (Even Just a Little)