With Halloween coming up, I've been flipping through a lot of Christian blogs, which are talking about whether or not the holiday is okay for Christians to celebrate. The answer is a resounding "HALLOWEEN IS AN EVIL SATAN MUSLIM HOLIDAY WHERE BABIES ARE RITUALLY ABORTED TO THE TUNE OF RECORDS PLAYED BACKWARDS!!" Yeah, kind of … Continue reading CHRISTIAN FREAKOUTS!–Hallow(SATAN!)een

How Not to Offend Anybody

Believe it or not, there is a way to avoid offending anybody. It's hard, very hard, but it is possible. In a hyper-sensitive world, it seems everything we say is subject to hatred and screams of outrage. I commented on this in another post, but I started wondering, is there really a way to go … Continue reading How Not to Offend Anybody

Why America Isn’t Free (And Why It’s Better That Way)

Never has a word needed more definition without receiving any: freedom. Boy, do we fight for freedom in this country--as we should! Speech, religion, voting rights, working rights, marriage rights, and these are just the ones on the radar recently! We love our freedoms and our rights and we will fight tooth and claw for … Continue reading Why America Isn’t Free (And Why It’s Better That Way)