For Your Enjoyment

I've blah-blah-blahed about being a writer and blah-blah-blahed about my Kickstarter to self-publish my book, but I haven't really put my money where my mouth is, have I?  So today, I've decided to simply shut up and show you what I've got. Don't worry, it's a short sample, the first bit of Chapter 1 of Ferryman. … Continue reading For Your Enjoyment

Do Christians Have a Right to Defend Themselves?

I wanted a friendly discussion of a topic (that could not possibly get political) that we don't really discuss--at least, not in the right way. Do Christians, under the New Testament covenant, have the right to defend themselves? And I'm talking physically, violently, even. As in, if someone breaks into your house with a gun, do … Continue reading Do Christians Have a Right to Defend Themselves?