Why I Hate What You Love

Go on the internet and say you don't like something and you'll immediately be graced with misspelled cuss words, racism, sexism, and the general frothing of humanity's dregs. Or at least get a fervent, "Nuh-uh!" But did you know that the way you say something changes the reaction you get? If you experience a book, … Continue reading Why I Hate What You Love

2016: A Year in Art

2016 was kind of like playing Jenga with a mongoose while wearing a top hat and getting an enema from an oompa-loompa. Awkward, uncomfortable, and you're not quite sure how it happened. However, I'd like to focus on the good. Early in 2016, I decided I wanted to track and follow how much art I consumed, … Continue reading 2016: A Year in Art

10 Things I Want to See in the Next Final Fantasy Game

I love me some Final Fantasy.  Maybe it's the gameplay, maybe it's the world of monsters, maybe it's the emphasis on story, but these RPGs are among the best. However, there are some things that just plain suck. I've played a number of Final Fantasy Games and I'm starting to see some trends that I … Continue reading 10 Things I Want to See in the Next Final Fantasy Game