Top 10 Lazy Halloween Costume Excuses

So it's Halloween and you have no costume. Your home, workplace, or whatever is filled with monsters, skanks, and obscure references you don't get. Whether you forgot a costume, couldn't afford one, or just didn't care, here are ten surefire answers for that idiot who looks at your jeans and polo and asks, "What are … Continue reading Top 10 Lazy Halloween Costume Excuses

5 Disney Characters who Really Need a Hug

Being in a Disney movie is exhausting! You have to fight evil witches, wonder whether your children are alive or not, suffer a slow but steady economical decline at the hands of hyenas. You know, everyday problems. But good always triumphs in the end. The heroes get what they were searching for, the villain is … Continue reading 5 Disney Characters who Really Need a Hug


I'm convinced that Yankee Candle practices witchcraft. How else do they create smells from things that have no smell? Walk through a Yankee Candle shop (or whatever local knockoff will satisfy your inferior palate) and look at all the names of the products. You have normal scents like flowers, banana nut bread, citrus, you know, … Continue reading Nonscents