The Greatest Opportunity for the Worst Generation

Let me be clear: when I say "Worst Generation," I'm not saying all these twenty-somethings are entitled, lazy brats. Many of us are, but many are not, too. I say "us" because I'm one of them. I'm 25. By "worst generation," I'm talking about the times. OUR BROKEN WORLD Our generation has two huge problems … Continue reading The Greatest Opportunity for the Worst Generation

Yesterday, Today, and Maybe Tomorrow

This should be post 100, then! Yay, me! And funnily enough, tomorrow is my birthday. I'm turning 25, and as you likely know, birthdays make you a little reflective. It's a good time to stop and ask, am I where I wanted to be? Am I going where I want to go? So, yeah, this … Continue reading Yesterday, Today, and Maybe Tomorrow