What does “Fencing With Ink” Mean for YOU?

I'm tired of being selfish. If you ask my why I write, blog, or jump on social media, the answer is probably something along the lines of "I dunno." Instinct. Lovely when channeled, deadly when it runs amok. Like oil in your car vs. oil in the bay. And I've been letting instinct muddy my … Continue reading What does “Fencing With Ink” Mean for YOU?


Christian Fiction: Where’s the Grace?

Writing Christian fiction is kind of like dating. There's no book of rules, but you know when you've broken one! One of those unwritten maxims goes something like this: Christian characters cannot have "bad" traits or habits unless they a) repent of these actions at some point or b) are clearly "bad" characters, be they … Continue reading Christian Fiction: Where’s the Grace?

What Kingdom Hearts 2 Taught Me About Christianity

Jesus drew analogies for the Kingdom of God from everywhere and everything: sheep, water, buildings, you name it. And the holy spirit still teaches people that way. This time, my inspiration came from a video game: Kingdom Hearts 2. A crossover between Disney and Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts should not have been as awesome as … Continue reading What Kingdom Hearts 2 Taught Me About Christianity