Desensitized to Joy

You've probably heard the phrase "desensitized," but it's most often in terms of bad things. Like the guy who's seen so many gory movies he's no longer bothered by depravity. Or the sailor who barely even notices the casual F-bomb. The TV show "Friends" played with this when Joey and Chandler had watched so much … Continue reading Desensitized to Joy

CHRISTIAN FREAKOUTS! Christmas!…Wait, Christmas? Really?

Some people just don't want to enjoy their own holiday. This "Freakout" is a little lighter because pretty much every Christian gets behind Christmas (except for weird Charlie with his adamant exegesis that baby Jesus was born in June). Still, there are one or two complains that I felt like addressing because I'm unemployed and … Continue reading CHRISTIAN FREAKOUTS! Christmas!…Wait, Christmas? Really?