What “Arthur Christmas” Can Teach us About the COVID Pandemic

What does an animated Christmas comedy have to do with our current pandemic? I’m glad you asked, my hypothetical friend! I recently watched Arthur Christmas for the, oh, 30th time? 40th? I forget. It’s a great, touching, and hilarious Christmas film that deserves to be a new classic, alongside Home Alone, Rudolph, and the like. The … Continue reading What “Arthur Christmas” Can Teach us About the COVID Pandemic

I am a S.A.F.E. Christian

American Christians like being safe, but they don't like being safe. They like being protected physically, legally, and emotionally, but they don't want to offer those things to others. Don't believe me? Look at non-white, non-Christian, non-straight, non-American, non-mainstream cultures. How safe has Christianity made them? And that saddens me because while Christianity is NOT … Continue reading I am a S.A.F.E. Christian

Entitlement: The Freedom that Enslaves

It's absolutely everywhere anymore. School, work, church, home, the hospital, everywhere else, and all the lanes between. Don't think I'm some old geezer yapping about the current generation; I'm 25, right in the age group of a lot of movers and shakers today. And I absolutely cannot stand the overwhelming entitlement that has come to … Continue reading Entitlement: The Freedom that Enslaves