Will Disney Really Give Elsa a Girlfriend?

There's been a hashtag floating around the internet called #giveelsaagirlfriend, in which supporters think the ice-slinging Elsa from Frozen should be Disney's first homosexual main character. Even the voice actress, Idina Menzel, thinks it's a good idea (source). Incidentally, this has also sparked the hashtag #giveelsaagirlfriend jack, which says Elsa would be better off with Jack … Continue reading Will Disney Really Give Elsa a Girlfriend?

Segregated Shopping…for Jesus!

I was at a pink/blue party with some Christian friends. If you don't know, pink/blue parties are gatherings where a pregnant couple reveals the sex of the baby because phone calls aren't enough anymore, apparently. Anywho, my buddy knows I'm unemployed and told me that Home Depot was hiring a whole lot of new people … Continue reading Segregated Shopping…for Jesus!