Manage Yo’ Self!–Part 4: Talents and Abilities

Have you ever heard the phrase, "God-given talents?" As a Christian, I think it's true. God molds us with certain abilities that others don't have. True, though hard enough work, most of us can do just about anything very well, but if another puts in the same amount of work, they will do better, or … Continue reading Manage Yo’ Self!–Part 4: Talents and Abilities

In Retaliation to Retaliation

I wish I could find it again, but I saw a little comic the other day, showing a Christian who is irritated by everyone saying that all Christians are bad. So, the Christian very realistically spouts back "Well, atheists do this, that, and the other thing!" And the atheist very calmly replies something along the … Continue reading In Retaliation to Retaliation