It was one of the most graphic dreams I remember ever having. I'm not saying vivid, necessarily, I'm talking sexually graphic.  A nothing-held-back, everything-out-there, XXX-rated dream. I don't know who this girl was; my mind just made her up--in fact, that was the point. She was a perfect stranger, yet for some reason (probably the … Continue reading Skintillation

Autumn, the Super-Happy Fun Slide of Awesome!

I know that "technically," fall hasn't started and that "technically," it already has. The fall solstice is on September 23, so that's the "official" beginning to fall, but let's be honest, it's never that simple. Thousands of kids from 5 to 30 have already returned to school, so for them, summer is already over. That's … Continue reading Autumn, the Super-Happy Fun Slide of Awesome!