Craig Michael Wood, Child Abduction, and Victim Blaming

This last week, 10-year-old Hailey Owens was reportedly kidnapped by middle-school coach Craig Michael Wood in Springfield, MO. They were found by police not too long afterwards, but sadly, it was too late. The little girl was found dead in his basement. It's a terribly sad story and provoked many of the ladies at my … Continue reading Craig Michael Wood, Child Abduction, and Victim Blaming

What If…?

As of this writing, the US Supreme Court has not yet reached a decision on whether or not homosexual marriage should be a thing. I think it's fair to say the US is holding its breath on this one. Christians are one of the biggest groups anxiously awaiting the answer. And I think it's passed … Continue reading What If…?


It’s quiet, too quiet. What’s happened to sound? It is hushed, it was hushed when the flesh hit the ground. No noise of loud toys, no play-pony’s hoofbeat. No clatter, no patter of wee little feet. The hustle, the bustle, the creaks of the chairs, The stomping, the tromping, of sneakers on stairs, The singing … Continue reading Hushed