You Never Read Me (for Suicide Prevention Month)

In honor of Suicide Prevention Month, I wrote the following brief metaphor that summarized my feelings during a time when I was leaning towards suicide.  "You Never Read Me" You formed my words and gave me inspiration. You cheered on each stroke of loving creation. But you never read me. You counted my pages and … Continue reading You Never Read Me (for Suicide Prevention Month)


Your lips drip poison. You beg for kisses. You whisper behind the back. You yearn for trust. You erect a walls of iron. You cry against my fence. You lurk in the shadow and say that you are strong. You taunt and tease the lion until his cage is opened. You rustle the feathers of … Continue reading Hypocrite


It’s quiet, too quiet. What’s happened to sound? It is hushed, it was hushed when the flesh hit the ground. No noise of loud toys, no play-pony’s hoofbeat. No clatter, no patter of wee little feet. The hustle, the bustle, the creaks of the chairs, The stomping, the tromping, of sneakers on stairs, The singing … Continue reading Hushed