S.A.F.E. Christians–E for Everyone

So many aspects of Christianity get forgotten by too many Christians--usually those with a camera on them, unfortunately. I've recently talked about these aspects under the banner of S.A.F.E. Christians. S for Secure--You can come to me without fear of judgment or gossip. A for Affectionate--I will care about you even if I don't agree … Continue reading S.A.F.E. Christians–E for Everyone

Don’t Move the Finish Line

Picture a man who wants to run 50 miles without stopping. That's ambition, you think, so you go to watch. The man starts his run and you watch the whole thing. He's very fit, his legs are toned beyond belief. He's pacing himself, his mental energy is off the charts, his eyes are dead set … Continue reading Don’t Move the Finish Line