S.A.F.E. Christians–F for Fighter

We've talked about the need for Christians to be secure places for the outsiders to go, as well as affectionate people who¬†care about more than their own safety and achievements. But security and affection only go so far. Jesus was about going the extra mile--literally! (Matthew 5:41) To really be S.A.F.E. for the world--and even … Continue reading S.A.F.E. Christians–F for Fighter

Entitlement: The Freedom that Enslaves

It's absolutely everywhere anymore. School, work, church, home, the hospital, everywhere else, and all the lanes between. Don't think I'm some old geezer yapping about the current generation; I'm 25, right in the age group of a lot of movers and shakers today. And I absolutely cannot stand the overwhelming entitlement that has come to … Continue reading Entitlement: The Freedom that Enslaves