How I Fell Into God’s Trap

I got tricked, dag nabbit! Okay, here’s what happened. I was having a rough day at work. Nothing terrible, just a common mist that comes over me now and again and darkens the sun. I’m desperate for a writing career, and while I’ve had some successes—a few published stories, a growing following, and good reviews … Continue reading How I Fell Into God’s Trap

S.A.F.E. Christians–A for Affectionate

Rule number one for being a safe person--not for yourself, but for someone else--you have to give a crap. Continuing the thoughts on being S.A.F.E. (Overview here), in order to do any good for anybody, you have to be more concerned about them than yourself. This is a basic tenant of Christianity: love one another, … Continue reading S.A.F.E. Christians–A for Affectionate