Seeker-Friendly vs. Seeker-Oriented

Picture an amazing movie trailer. Heavy music, intense fight scenes, passionate kisses, A-list actors flashed across the screen, and that last tease that gives you goosebumps. So you save your money or steal some to get a ticket, buy some popcorn with butter-juice, plop down in a sticky seat, and you watch...the trailer again. One-and-a-half … Continue reading Seeker-Friendly vs. Seeker-Oriented

What Kingdom Hearts 2 Taught Me About Christianity

Jesus drew analogies for the Kingdom of God from everywhere and everything: sheep, water, buildings, you name it. And the holy spirit still teaches people that way. This time, my inspiration came from a video game: Kingdom Hearts 2. A crossover between Disney and Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts should not have been as awesome as … Continue reading What Kingdom Hearts 2 Taught Me About Christianity