A Creator’s Journey #4–Step 1 Complete!

BIG NEWS!! Ferryman's cover art is 100% funded! That means we raised the $350 necessary to get a cover for the book. WHOO HOO! Even better? The latest backer's donation spilled into the second step, editing, which is up to $110/$600 (18%), bringing the total funding up to $460/$1600 (28%). We're a quarter of the … Continue reading A Creator’s Journey #4–Step 1 Complete!

Let the Humility Begin (My Kickstarter Campaign)

I am on my way to kill a man. But I am not going to murder him. That is the distinction that keeps me from becoming the villain everyone already thinks I am, or at least the villain they’re waiting for me to become.  That is the opening to my new story "Ferryman." It's about … Continue reading Let the Humility Begin (My Kickstarter Campaign)