Book Review: “Mortis” School of Assassins. ‘Nuff Said.

Mortis by Hannah Cobb Rating: 3/5 stars Summary:┬áMortis is a school that trains children from birth to become assassins. It's a place where death is so commonplace, no one even questions its morality. Except Jane. Though she begins as callous as the rest, Jane begins questioning whether killing is right or wrong. When she finally … Continue reading Book Review: “Mortis” School of Assassins. ‘Nuff Said.


One of the greatest things about God is his pursuant nature, the fact that he actually chases after us like a lover does. The more stories I hear, the more evident this becomes. J. had joined the military to become a real man and was living the guy's life, docking in Japan, trying to get … Continue reading Pursuant