A Creator’s Journey #3–Failure and Rebounding

The day I first met my wife, I learned a lesson in rebounding from failure. I tried to cross over one of those chains they place between poles to section off the sidewalk. My foot got caught and I stumbled. Sensing I was about to fall in front of someone I was trying to impress, … Continue reading A Creator’s Journey #3–Failure and Rebounding


A Creator’s Journey #2–Inspirations

I've never been able to take inspiration from success stories. I know the point of them is to say, "I did it and so can you!" but for some reason, hearing the tales of other writers doesn't give me a lot of hope. In fact, it's usually the opposite. While I'm certainly envious, that's not … Continue reading A Creator’s Journey #2–Inspirations

Why $3.18 Makes Me Want to Squee Like A Little Girl

Squee (skwee) (verb): to scream in a high-pitched voice with great delight.¬†Jenny squeed when she saw Johnny's washboard abs.¬† Now you know. So why would I want to make the same noise over a measly three dollars and eighteen cents? No, it's not because I'm THAT close to South Park's "tree-fiddy" joke (though it helps). … Continue reading Why $3.18 Makes Me Want to Squee Like A Little Girl