The Beauty of Tragedy

I was this close to crying in the middle of the laundromat. A twenty-eight-year-old guy surrounded by strangers and I was holding it all in. Did I receive bad news, see something horrible, cap off a bad day? Nope. I'd just read a manga (Japanese comic book) called 5 Centimeters per Second. The phrase that keeps circling … Continue reading The Beauty of Tragedy

A Farewell to Video Games: My Top 10 (#3)

This is a continuing series. As I am rapidly “growing up” I find less and less time to play video games, so I’m celebrating my top ten favorites over a lifetime of playing and the impacts that games have had on me. See Number 4.  Ah, Final Fantasy, how you have courted me, taken me … Continue reading A Farewell to Video Games: My Top 10 (#3)


It’s quiet, too quiet. What’s happened to sound? It is hushed, it was hushed when the flesh hit the ground. No noise of loud toys, no play-pony’s hoofbeat. No clatter, no patter of wee little feet. The hustle, the bustle, the creaks of the chairs, The stomping, the tromping, of sneakers on stairs, The singing … Continue reading Hushed