Ratatouille: How to Write Good Opponents/Villains

Ask me what my favorite Pixar movie is, I'd say The Incredibles. Twist my nipples really, really hard and I'll tell you it's Ratatouille. Hey, I like food movies. But Ratatouille really is a grand film, and one of the reasons is the way it sets up, and knocks down, its opponents. I thought of … Continue reading Ratatouille: How to Write Good Opponents/Villains

Top 10 Hatable Disney Villains

What makes a good villain? I've already written an article on what I call the Villainous Venn-Triagram, but there's an element I left out: hatability. It's the amount of deadness you want that person to suffer. For example: Voldemort is a good villain, but Umbridge is the one you want to strangle with piano wire. … Continue reading Top 10 Hatable Disney Villains