10 Tips for the Unemployed/Underemployed Christian

I've been unemployed for about two months now, without stead work for even longer. Being unemployed is about as fun as finding a scorpion in your shoe and I'm betting you agree. There's a feeling of entrapment, sometimes desperation, trying to earn a living. But with unemployment around 8% according to the NY Times,  and that's just in … Continue reading 10 Tips for the Unemployed/Underemployed Christian

Where the Gospel Fails

Christians amuse me sometimes. I've seen people try to tell someone that (enter hotly-debated topic here) is wrong and the other person doesn't buy it. Then they turn to their friends with this shocked look on their face, like, "It's as though what God says isn't important to them!" I just want to shake them … Continue reading Where the Gospel Fails