Help! I’m Attracted!

I saw a woman who wasn't my wife today and I was attracted to her. GASP! Yep, the Christian guy with a Godly blog found another woman attractive. Why, Michael? Why would you say she's attractive? Um...because she is. How can I say that so casually? Because extramarital attraction is only a home wrecker if you let … Continue reading Help! I’m Attracted!

God is Wreck-It Ralph

"God's not into remodeling. he's into demo and start over." --Shawn Craig (PCD) When Pastor Craig said that, my brain stopped for a minute (a common thing, that). We always picture God as the creator, the life-giver, the grower, the Fix-It Felix in a world of Wreck-It Ralphs. And yet, the concept of God being a … Continue reading God is Wreck-It Ralph

Christian Dating Part 4: Setting Some (Realistic) Standards

First of all, here's another article I found by chance that has everything to do with what I'm saying. We've talked about all the pre-dating stuff: getting a good relationship with God and yourself, as well as dating with purpose. Doing these things will result in you having some good standards. You need standards … Continue reading Christian Dating Part 4: Setting Some (Realistic) Standards