The Bank of You

I always thought I was immune to greed. I heard of athletes who balked at a mere $10 million a year and thought, "What selfishness!" See, I didn't need all that fancy stuff that money buys. I just needed to pay my bills and have a little extra for saving, spending, and giving. Did you … Continue reading The Bank of You

No Seven-Year Itch For ME! (Cuz I Love You)

They say the first seven years of marriage are the hardest, and if you get through those, you'll likely make it. At least, most divorces happen within that range. Today, we've hit that marker. Seven years. Feels like seven lifetimes. Seven Years Ago... My knees buckled when you came up the aisle. It had only … Continue reading No Seven-Year Itch For ME! (Cuz I Love You)