Disney Discussions: Is Cinderella Sexist or are Feminists Crazy?

I need your opinion on something, yes you taking a break from Netflix (thanks!). Is Cinderella really such an anti-feminist movie? Here’s the thing…

Apparently, progressive ladies aren’t too fond of Cinderella, or so I’ve heard. I’ve also heard that someone even wrote a new version of Cinderella in which Cindy refuses the hand of Prince Charming in the end and feminists everywhere loved it because it showed Cinderella as a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man.

Is it just my Y-chromosome pitching a hissy fit or was that the stupidest decision of Cinderella’s life?

I guess on one hand it makes sense. I’ll try to step into a woman’s shoes for a second (I suddenly crave chocolate) and I suppose I see the problem: Cindy can do nothing on her own and needs a man to rescue her. Women don’t like to be seen as helpless waifs just sitting around waiting for the big, strong man to rescue them from the bad guys. And, even as a guy, I get tired of reading those characters. I mean do something for goodness sake.

So I get that women want strong, independent heroes in their media. That’s why Katniss, Ripley, and Wonder Woman are so famous.

On the other hand, hating this story almost seems sexist. While I get the anger, some extremes go way too far in the other direction. It seems that some women are offended that Cinderella needed help from a man simply because he’s a man, and that she should have refused his offer not because of their lack of real love, but because, again, he’s a man and asking a man for help is a weakness.

Frankly, that’s sexist…against both sexes.

From a guy’s perspective, refusing my help based on my sex is insulting. It says I’m a bad guy just for being born this way (hey, if the gays can say it, so can I).  But what’s worse is calling a woman weak because she needs a man’s help.

Newsflash: everybody needs everybody’s help. The women in Cinderella’s life made her miserable, so a man was her only real choice. And every man needs a woman to help them from time to time, too. My wife and I have rescued each other more times than we can count. And I hate when either sex says that needing the other sex is a weakness. Men, you can’t be strong on your own. Women, neither can you. Each of us has half the puzzle and we need the other half–not necessarily in a romantic way, but as friends, parents, and leaders.

Personally, I think men and women are two sides of God. Neither of us can be independent because neither of us is God.

But what do you think? Is Cinderella going too far with the damsel-in-distress motif? Should the haters back off? What’s your experience?


6 thoughts on “Disney Discussions: Is Cinderella Sexist or are Feminists Crazy?

  1. I agree with you on all points. Feminism is an affliction, unhealthy in its extremes. But the really sad thing is, they miss the whole point – LOVE. It also goes way over their heads that Cinderella is a spiritual allegory, not just a story about girl meets boy to be taken literally. Cinderella is the human soul, and her behavior exhibits love, compassion, strength, faith in something greater than herself, and in the end, she is rewarded with the Kingdom and the Prince of her heart. The truly great fairy tales are, at their heart, Christian. I recently blogged about Sleeping Beauty:


    BTW, I found your Blog looking for help when I got stuck in the recent Tomb Raider. 🙂


    1. HA! Glad my Tomb Raider post helped. Hey, if you liked all those blogs you did (thanks!) then click that shiny Follow button and you’ll get even more. Thanks for commenting. Absolute favorite thing.


  2. Well, I liked Cinderella, despite her to be rescued. I think that’s called being human. I don’t like the females from the old movies that faint because that’s supposed to be feminine. For gosh sake, where’s your instinct to stay alive?
    But I think you’re right. Men represent one facet of God’s character and women another. As Pepe Lepew said, “Viva la difference!”


  3. Take me in as your disciple, oh wise one!

    Seriously, you make a good point, lots of them. Feminism may have meant something back then, but a lot of today’s women seem to miss the whole point. It’s about treating women with respect and decency. But of course, you know the old saying; treat others the way that you would want them to treat you. This goes both ways. Gender isn’t a species, it’s not a race, it’s meaningless when it comes to gauging a person’s true character and fortitude. Men aren’t flawed, women aren’t flawed.

    No, it’s PEOPLE who are flawed. Thank you, and goodnight.


  4. I agree entirely that the suggestion that Cinderella is sexist is completely absurd. Men and women do need each other and that does not mean that either is weak. It’s all too ridiculous. It is depressing that such ludicrous minsdsets are allowed to influence young minds. Whatever next!

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