Why Does God Do Bad Things?

Why did God order all those people killed in the Bible? Why does he condemn people to Hell? Why did he let so-and-so die or such-and-such terrible thing happen? Even Christians like myself wrestle with these things. Unfortunately, giving a satisfactory answer (or rather, answers), would take ten books, four articles, and three Youtube videos. … Continue reading Why Does God Do Bad Things?

R-Rated Christianity

I’ve gotten a bit of attention for calling myself an R-Rated Christian. Usually, those two phrases go together like peanut butter and barbecue sauce. I’m happy to announce that most of the reactions I’ve gotten have been good. I’ve been able to find other Christians who are proud to don their over-eighteen moniker, and if … Continue reading R-Rated Christianity

Why “The God Delusion” Poses Little Threat to Christianity

I hadn't had butterflies like this since I first went up in the Superman Tower of Power at Six Flags St. Louis (I screamed, but I screamed like a manly man, darn it!). Richard Dawkins is one of the best-known, most-vocal, and most-influential atheists of our time. And from what I'd heard, The God Delusion … Continue reading Why “The God Delusion” Poses Little Threat to Christianity

I am a S.A.F.E. Christian

American Christians like being safe, but they don't like being safe. They like being protected physically, legally, and emotionally, but they don't want to offer those things to others. Don't believe me? Look at non-white, non-Christian, non-straight, non-American, non-mainstream cultures. How safe has Christianity made them? And that saddens me because while Christianity is NOT … Continue reading I am a S.A.F.E. Christian