A Creator’s Journey #17–The Best Thing You Can Do For A Writer

As a writer, there’s a certain hierarchy of awesome when it comes to readers.

Tier One: Buy the book. Thanks for the money! But you’re going to read it, right? …right?

Tier Two: Read the book. That’s better. You took time out of your life to read my work and I appreciate it. Fist bump.

Tier Three: Tell the author your thoughts. Okay, now I KNOW you read it, rather than twiddling my thumbs, hoping you got around to it. And feedback is always loved, even if it’s not easy.

Tier Four: Tell others. GAAAAASSSP!

Seriously, this is like wedding day meets a promotion in a hot tub. When you recommend an author’s work to the world, ah! Nothing beats that!

Word of mouth, reviews, these things have a massive impact on buying decisions. Think about how many books you’ve bought, or even just read, because somebody near or far recommended it.

So if you liked a book, tell others in person. Tell them on social media. Better yet, write a review on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Goodreads, anywhere you find a place to stick your opinion. Share announcements, give your copy to somebody, point the world to the author and say how awesome they are.

Everybody loves a fan. So if you like something, really like it, promote it to other people. It’s the best thing you can do for an author.

So if you’ve read Ferryman and enjoyed it, please write a review on Amazon, Smashwords, and/or Goodreads to inspire others to read it. Share links on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #Ferryman. Gab to your friends. Donate a copy to your local library.

If you didn’t like my book, fine! I can’t please everybody. But if you did, then as an author I ask you to open your mouth and say so. A writer’s career doesn’t spring out of the ether. It comes from the slow spread of book lovers like you.

And if you truly, truly believe in my writing, consider supporting me on Patreon to make more things just like it.

I love all your faces.

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