A Creator’s Journey #22–Trying To Hold It In

Ever have that thing that makes you excited even though it hasn’t happened yet, and even though it may never happen? Like marriage? Or your dream job? Or that day Oreo and Reese’s have babies?

Man, I’d eat the crap out of those.

Anywho, I’m all not-yet-whoo-hoo because a publisher wants to read my manuscript. I sent them a query and sample a while back, but they held it for several weeks and never responded, so I figured that was it.

But then they emailed me a couple days ago and asked to see the full manuscript. What’s more, they said my writing was “engrossing.”

This isn’t publication by any means, but it’s also the first time a publisher actually wanted to see the full manuscript.

Well…except that first time with the original version of Rise. Which turned out to be more or less (or entirely) a scam. Which is why you will never EVER see that version. Thankfully, I’ve seen some of this publisher, Crossover Alliance, and I know they’re legit, even if they’re a small press.

So here’s hoping. Oh, and the book they’re reading? Hypocrite. Perhaps the most theologically-dangerous book I’ve ever written.

Yay, I made a Creator’s Journey post that wasn’t sad and pathetic!

Hey, sometimes the pendulum swings upward, and you ride that while you can.

What about you? Any progress on your writing?

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