Religious Freedom, Women’s Rights, and SHUT UP ALREADY!

Oh, sweet Morgan Freeman, if I see one more post about Hobby Lobby and the Religious-Freedom-vs-Misogyny debate, I’m going to punch a lightbulb. Why a lightbulb? I’m not sure. I was just on an angry typing rant and lightbulb was the first thing to come to mind, and now it seems too funny to delete. Lightbulb it is.

So, how do I know about the whole Hobby Lobby thing? Because everybody is screaming it. not saying it; SCREAMING it. Both sides! One side says, “Yay! Religious freedom praise Jesus John 3:16 happy angel Passover Christmas Bible Pro-Life promiscuous teenagers judgment Easter WHOO!” The other side says, “Evil misogynistic hate ruling pro-choice evil Christians anti-women boycott sexual liberty my body ARGH!”

Today’s blogging lesson is “Keywords.”

So, which side do I think is right? Neither. They’re both idiots.

Hobby Lobby and a thousand other Christian organizations need to understand that just because someone can abuse something doesn’t necessarily mean they will. Besides, people can and will abuse ANY liberty or charity, Christian or otherwise, yet Christians are called to love people anyway. Sadly, too many Christians are using this ruling to say “Yay, we won they lost!” thus reinforcing an us-versus-them mentality, which was completely contrary to Jesus’s ministry.

And the other side (is there a collective term for them?) needs to realize you can’t say “tolerance and equality” and “kill everything that doesn’t agree” in the same breath. It’s a Christian-based store. Are you really surprised they cling to the Bible? Let those who want to work there work there and if you don’t like the benefits, there are a thousand non-religious jobs that will also pay you not enough to live.

On top of that, this entire debacle only reinforces the idea of “I don’t like this! Mommy and Daddy Government, make it go away! WAAAH!” Both sides want the government out of their personal business, but in everybody else’s. Each seems to think they’re entitled to autonomy while everybody else should be closely watched. Us versus them.

I’m just tired of the hatred. I’m tired of victory chants being “Nana-nana-nah-nah!” I’m tired of the defeated plotting revenge. And frankly, I’m quite tired of seeing the exact same hatred from both sides 16 times a day on my Facebook page. Yes, spew that verbal venom. Clearly, your vomit of hatred convinces me that you have the higher morals here.

So, birth control, religion, women’s rights, sex, politics, any other hot-button issues I can hit in this post? How about that stem-cell research thing, huh?

My point is: everybody calm the heck down. Hyper-extreme emotions just lead to bad decisions and corrupted morals. Christians: Jesus said to love others, so love them. Other side (seriously, need a collective word): your mantra is love and acceptance, so love and accept. And everybody, please leave the government out of this; the last thing we need is more legislation binding everybody’s hands.

And now, a question: how come condoms aren’t part of this whole free-birth-control deal? Seems anti-men if you ask me…

2 thoughts on “Religious Freedom, Women’s Rights, and SHUT UP ALREADY!

  1. I agree completely. This whole debacle has been embarrassing for both sides of the argument. Something I would like to point out though, I have been struggling (and I know I’m not the only one) with Hobby Lobby’s reasoning behind their actions. I, and some many other women, HAVE to be on birth control because of certain diseases that attack our reproductive system. Short of a total hysterectomy, this is the only treatment. Calling it an abortion pill hurts so much when one day I hope to cuddle a little one of my own, God willing. Like you said, some do abuse it, others have no choice. Both sides should take a long look in the mirror and realize they are hurting people and making assumptions. *end rant* 🙂


    1. Huh. That’s actually a very good point. I’ve had friends and relatives who have had to have birth control for regulatory purposes, so yeah, that really would be a trick. Wow, thanks for the insight!


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